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The world's fastest software for creating professional marketing sites, video pages, squeeze pages & more in minutes... even if you've never designed a web page in your life!

AutoBuildIt put's an end to years of frustration felt by internet marketers and people looking to start an online website for business and profits by allowing you to to easily and simply create marketing websites without all the fuss, hard work and hassle of having to do everything manually yourself.

No need to learn complicated coding, no need to hire expensive programmers or graphic designers and no need to get stuck in a position of information overload just trying to learn even the simplest of tasks.

AutoBuild let's anyone regardless of their experience level, quickly and easily create websites that they previously wouldn't have dreamed were possible to create... In mere minutes!

All Of The Below Integrate Seamlessly With AutoBuildit...

If you've ever struggled with opt in forms or with payment buttons, don't worry. We've made Autobuildit so simple to use that you'll be creating the kind of websites you need to capture subscribers and make sales quickly and easily.

Everything works seamlessly and you'll never have to mess around trying to figure out how to put forms on your page again, or how to get position payment buttons with complicated HTML!

AutoBuildit Works Right Off Your Own Domain!

AutoBuildit lets you create websites that run off your own domain name.

In fact that's all you need to get started - just your own domain that you want to build the website on!

Quite simply, all you do once you've signed up... is login and enter the domain name of the site you want to create and...

Your Website And Your Control Panel Are Automatically
Set Up, Hosted, And Created Within Minutes!

There's no need for you to worry about uploading complicated scripts, sorting out a hosting plan, or anything. Once you enter your domain name in your members area and click "build my site" that is it. AutoBuildit sets to work and starts creating your website and within minutes, your website content management and creation platform is automatically set up on YOUR OWN DOMAIN!

So when you go to you login to your Autobuildit control panel straight from there in the future! No need to keep switching between our website and yours!

Isn't that cool? And within minutes from now, you can be creating really cool sales pages, squeeze pages, prelaunch pages, affiliate tools pages, or full blown authority content sites within minutes.

Tasks that previously took you days, or weeks to do, you can do in 5 minutes flat.  Tasks that usually took you hours or many minutes to do, you can do in 5 seconds flat!

Save THOUSANDS Of Dollars In Programming
And Design Fees Instantly!

Building websites is too difficult for most people to do if they want a REALLY professional looking website, and can cost thousands in programming and design fees.

Most marketers need something doing YESTERDAY! And once your programmer or designer has handed off the site to you, you're on your own if you want to make any changes.


With AutoBuildit, we've spent hundreds of thousands of dollars creating such a powerful platform with over $50,000 worth of graphics and professionally designed templates for you to use, so that YOU DON'T HAVE TO!

You can get started creating professional websites with full support videos in your control panel alongside every feature to make sure you never get stuck.

Technology holds people back from doing what they need to do, because it's so difficult to master! Now you never have to worry about technology and can concentrate on creating your websites fast and never having to rely on a programmer to do the tasks that you know you just struggle doing, or wasting hours and hours of time searching Google for a solution.

It's time to turn "Information Overload" into "Action Overload" and Autobuildit allows you to do that quickly, easily, and profitably!

Watch The Videos Below To See How Even An Inexperienced  "Newbie" Can  Build Cash Producing Website's Like The Guru's With Lightning Speed And
Technical Knowledge Whatesoever!

Watch the videos below to get a REAL FEEL of the power of Autobuildit. We've given you step by step walkthroughs to show you how easy it is to start creating stunning full authority "content" websites, video sales pages and squeeze pages like the pro's or just fast cash producing mini sites!

Whatever you want to do - AutoBuildit give's you the "power" to do it all... Quickly... Easily... And Without EVER Having To Write A Single Lick Of Code!

And Wait Till You See Our Launch Bonus Below!

Unbelievable!  Authority Content Sites

Breath-Taking!  Video Sales Pages

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Amazing! - Modal Pops, One Click Home Pages And Affiliate Link Masking!

Must See! - Create Interactive CLICKBANK  Affiliate Tools Pages!

And We're NOT Joking When We Say These Videos Are Only The Tip Of The Iceberg When It Comes To What AutoBuildIt Can Do!

Full 60 Day Money Back Guarantee!

We are so confident that you will be absolutely thrilled with the quality of AutoBuildIt and what it allows you to do that were putting our money where our mouth is.

Heres our rock solid promise to you:
If for whatever reason you are not satisfied with your AutoBuildIt then we will refund you 100% of your purchase price, no questions asked.

Just let us know within 60 days of your purchase, and well be happy to return your payment in full. No quibbles, no questions asked.

We want you to try out AutoBuildit with 100% confidence and zero risk whatsoever.

Customer satisfaction is our watchword and YOUR Guarantee... Or your money back - Its that simple!

Tahir Shah - CEO AutoBuildIt

Lock In Your Launch Price
$497 Per Month
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UNLIMITED Sites Plan WILL  BE $497 Per Month - Launch Offer Price
Only $97 per month (same as our normal Mogul 5 Sites Plan!! )  If You
 Haven't Read Through The BONUSES Above Properly - Please Do That
 BEFORE Ordering So That You Know EVERYTHING You Are Going To Get!

It's easy to get started. Just select the plan that best suits your needs below, and we'll have you up and running and creating your first website within just a matter of minutes from now! And remember, with our full 60 day money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose. Go ahead and sign up now and take the pain and headache out of creating world class marketing websites away, forever!


ONLY $47

*Per Month

  • 1 Website + Full Features
    Incl Hosting + Unlimited Emails
  • Unlimited Page Creation
    Full Page Building Tools
  • Pre-Made Graphics/Templates
    Including Full Video Integration!
  • Create Membership Sites
    + Affiliate Management
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ONLY $67

*per month

  • 3 Websites + Full Features
    Incl Hosting + Unlimited Emails
  • Unlimited Page Creation
    Full Page Building Tools
  • Pre-Made Graphics/Templates
    Make Each Site Different!
  • Create Membership Sites
    + Affiliate Management
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ONLY $97

*per month

  • UNLIMITED Sites + Full Features
    Incl Hosting + Unlimited Emails
  • Unlimited Page Creation
    Full Page Building Tools
  • Unlimited Flowplayer Licenses
    Each Normally Costs $95
  • Unlimited Amember Pro
    Special Launch Bonus!
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Your Questions Answered!

What do I need to get started?

Just your own .com domain name (or any other domain, like .net, .org,, etc). When your visitors type that domain into your browser, theyll land on your AutoBuildIt designed website and our servers will take it from there. You can register one for around $10 at Namecheap or any other registrar. No web hosting required - we handle that part for you!

Does your service work on a Mac / mobile / iPad, etc?

Yes! You can use any Internet connected device capable of displaying a Javascript enabled website to build your brand new site with AutoBuildIt. That means Windows, Mac, iPad etc all work well. Theres absolutely nothing to download or install. As long as you can view websites, you can use AutoBuildIt to build yours!

Can I install AutoBuildIt on my own server?

No, its not necessary. AutoBuildIt is cloud based software, meaning theres nothing to download, install or configure to get it to work. It works brilliantly straight out the box. You just log in to your password protected admin control panel, and everything is just point and click from there. No need for complicated server set-ups or your own hosting of any kind.

Is web hosting really included? Is this the only price I pay?

Yes! Web hosting on our dedicated server farm is included in your monthly fee. Our servers run a minimum quad-core Intel processor with at least 16GB of RAM, connected directly to the highest speed Internet back-bones via a multi-million dollar data center in the United States. Our servers are monitored by dedicated systems administrators 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. This means two things. First, your site will ALWAYS be online - we have a 99.999% uptime guarantee. Secondly, your site will always load extremely quickly... we dont overload our servers so you can rest assured that your site is running on the latest and fastest hardware available, at no extra cost!

Do I really get unlimited traffic? What if Im planning a big launch?

Yes! No matter what your traffic size is, we can handle it. We will never bill you for traffic, or charge you a premium for being especially successful! In fact, we encourage it. Doesnt matter whether youre starting with a zero-traffic site... or youre scaling up to hundreds of thousands of monthly visitors... youll never receive a bill for extra bandwidth. The prize you see is the price you pay, period.

Whats the price? Are there any hidden extras?

We keep our prices simple, clear and totally transparent. Its $47 for one site, $67 for three sites, or $97 for a pre-paid pack of five. These rates are charged monthly. There are no extras to buy, no hidden costs. The price includes full support from our team and unlimited usage of our servers. Nothing hidden, ever... thats just how we do business!

Will I be hit with any required add-ons after I buy?

Nope, absolutely not. Dont you hate buying something, only to find that you need to invest in 3 other things just to make it work? So do we. Thats why we only ever charge one set, monthly fee for access to EVERYTHING. We respect our customers too much to throw over-hyped upsells at them after they buy. AutoBuildIt already does everything we say it does, right out of the box from day one, with no extra investment required.

What type of websites can I build with AutoBuildIt?

AutoBuildIt is optimized for Internet marketing sites that sell content, software, information or other products using a direct response approach.

You can use it to quickly and easily build:

  Landing and squeeze pages. Easily add video, opt-in forms, time delayed e-mail capture boxes, bullet points, and more.You can even build unique Facebook unlock style opt-in campaigns in place of standard e-mail. This is just one of the many features that are usually reserved for top-tier marketers... that youll now be able to take instant advantage of, the moment you join AutoBuildIt!

  Sales pages. Write unlimited text, and easily format your sales letter with pre-designed page elements like testimonial boxes, tabbed images and videos, pop-up light boxes and image galleries, navigation menus, roll-overs, headlines, sub-headers, comment boxes and more.

  Full-blown authority sites. Easily create pages that attract high SE ranking with on-page SEO, unlimited meta tags, cleanly formatted CSS, keyword-dense static URLs and more... without lifting a finger.

  Membership sites. Each AutoBuildIt account comes with a pre-installed copy of Amember Pro, worth $179.95. Using this software, youll be able to create your own password-protected membership sites that you can bill for at any interval - weekly, monthly, annually, etc. These membership dues go directly to your account... we dont take a cent in commission. Run everything from your own admin control panel. Nothing to install - this is ready to go, right now.

  Affiliate programs. Want to build your own promotional army? Not a problem. Recruit affiliates and pay them only when they refer sales. Using Amember Pro alongside AutoBuildIt (pre-configured and ready to go out the box), youll be able to multiply your promotional efforts quickly and easily with your own affiliate program

  Blog-style pages. Add comment trails to any page... or any number of pages! No need to install Wordpress, or figure out how to set-up a blog. Just a couple of clicks is all it takes to turn any page on your site into an instant blog!

Will I be able to install new software to my web hosting?

AutoBuildIt is an all in one toolkit. You build your sites using ready-made modules from inside your admin control panel. You can add video, pop-up boxes, comments, testimonials, and any page design just by selecting the appropriate module, and clicking Add. Its super easy. Theres nothing to install on your own.

Were adding new features all of the time to AutoBuildIt. We already have everything you need to build a full blown site, from scratch, with no prior knowledge necessary. Youre also invited to submit any new modules youd like to see... and our team will do their best to implement them quickly for you, at no extra cost.

Do I get unlimited web space? How many pages can I actually build?

Yes, you get unlimited space. You can build any number of pages... we dont limit you in any way. This makes it ideal for building full authority content sites with thousands of individual pages, if you want to. And even if your needs are much smaller... AutoBuildIt is perfect for building mini sites and sales letters that are designed to SELL.

How long will my site remain online?

As long as you hold an active AutoBuildIt account, your site will stay online 24/7, with a 99.999% uptime guarantee. Think of AutoBuildIt as your permanent home on the web.

What if I delete my account? Will I still own my domain name?

Yes, your domain name is yours for life - even if you decide to point it away from AutoBuildIt entirely. We dont lock your domain name down, like some other vendors choose to. Your domain is yours. We simply provide you with the toolkit and the hardware to build a great site, fast. You simply point your domain to our servers and youre ready to go (this is super easy to do - full instructions will be given after you join). If you dont have a domain name yet, you can register one for under $10/year. Well hook you up with a few different places you can buy one instantly, after you join.

Can I export my website elsewhere?

No. The technology behind AutoBuildIt is very advanced, and is constantly being updated with new features. When you use your admin control panel to build new pages, our system busily assembles those pages every time a new visitor lands on your site, ensuring all of your settings are taken into account to view each page. Regular web hosting is not equipped to handle this level of sophistication. We maintain your servers, databases, web pages, design settings, content and more for you, so you dont have to worry about that. Theres simply no need to move your site anywhere else. But if you ever need to point your domain name anywhere else for any reason, youre able to -- you dont need our permission. The domain is yours for life.

Is my information backed up securely?

Every AutoBuildIt account is securely backed up and encrypted on-site, with a separate off-site 'snapshot' being made twice-daily. We run a multi-server dedicated server cluster to ensure maximum uptime. In the event that any hardware ever fails... were able to quickly move your site to a new fully-functional back-up server. Compare that to regular web hosting... where if your server fails... so can your business!

What type of support will I get after joining?

Youll get access to our 24/7 support desk. The average response times for submitting a ticket are less than 1 hour! Whats more, your query is routed to a knowledgable technical team the first time around, so that means no more run-arounds from clueless staff! Any queries you have are answered fast and easily.

Youll also get access to an array of walk-through videos that are available 24/7 for just about every feature we offer... meaning youll have someone on your screen, right in front of you at all times, ready to show you step-by-step how to make this system work for you.

Im a complete technophobe but I really want to build a successful site... is AutoBuildIt for me?

Yes! For newbies and more advanced marketers alike, AutoBuildIt offers a one-stop toolkit for quickly assembling impressive websites, in minutes. It doesnt matter if youre a complete technophobe who has never put together so much as a single web page in your life... AutoBuildIt removes the complexity and mystery of building for the web by making literally every step point and click system.

No need for HTML, Javascript, PHP, Photoshop skills or anything like that. If you can use your mouse and read English, you can make AutoBuildIt work for you!

Can I see your terms of use?

Sure, theyre available in full [right here]. The short version is - dont spam, dont host adult or illegal websites, and dont do anything mischievous with our service.Anyone caught doing so will have their revoked immediately without warning or refund.  Thats about the gist of it.  Other than that, were super friendly folk who just want to help you build a super successful website.

If my credit card declines... will you nuke my website?

Nope, were pretty fair like that. If your card declines for any reason, youll have a few days to get back to us with a valid card number or make other arrangements. Well never just terminate your account without warning (only in the event of spam/illegal/nasty stuff) and in the event that your account declines more than 3 consecutive days in a row, well send you a nice gentle e-mail reminder to straighten things out. We want to keep you online!

Are the accounts for personal or commercial use?

The accounts are all for PERSONAL use only.  We will be releasing a commercial USE license next month for UNLIMITED account holders only, which will be a one off payment for those interested in using their unlimited sites for commercial benefit.


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